Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013


Okay, last night i was at the stage with the other beliebers and of course with him, JUSTIN BIEBER!
OMB, i just cant... *speechless* *tears are falling*
He was singing probably 20 song and it's all was so amazing! His voice was really really awesome!
After he sang, he sat at the stage with us and I took the place as close as possible with him. He was talking about how much he loves us and we can't stop crying. He also talk about the other things. I was there can't even stop crying and always stare at his eyes. And then I realized that he's just so perfect, omg. Suddenly, i got an idea to tickle his leg haha, and I did it! He was laughing so hard and then he look at me and he catched my eyes and stare at them for so long, and then he smiled and came to me!
"Hey, what do you want baby?" he said, and i just frozen and can't do and say anything, my tears are falling so hard. Then, he hugged me! JUSTIN BIEBER HUGGED ME! OMG IT JUST REALLY....
"Don't cry, I'm here okay."
"Omg, i love you justin!" I hugged him back and it feels like I'm the luckiest girl, ever! I can feel his heartbeats and I can smell his parfume. It was really comfortable and I won't let him go. But I know, I can't always be with him. After we talk each other, we took some pics together. OMG, I can't describe what I really feel when I was with him. Surely, I'm really happy and I'm sure it would be the best thing ever for my life.

And the worst thing came...I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. *crying*
But, he taught us to believe and never say never.
"Feel it, believe it, dream it, be it!"− Justin Bieber (Born to be Somebody)