Rabu, 14 November 2012

You'll call it "Secret Admirer" or what?

It's about 3 weeks ago. Accidentally, i found some words on my 'Electronics' book. The words are :

"Mungkin kau takkan pernah tau betapa mudahnya kau tuk dikagumi"

Actually, i don't know what is it means. Whether the words were intended to praise? Or even wanted to jugde me? Well, whoever that sent this message, thankyou. Please, show your self. Come on, don't be shy with me, haha. Once again, thankyou for judging me, or maybe thankyou for praise me. Whoever you are, i'll never forget this, the first message from, yeah i'll call you my secret admirer, haha :))

So, what do you think?
Yeah, i know its not really important to you.
But it is very important for me.
Then, thanks for coming :))

1 komentar:

  1. It is a lyric from Sheila On 7's song titled 'Pemuja Rahasia'.