Kamis, 12 April 2012

Still remember?

I make this to remind the memories of our time in elementary school:) I hope you like it

hey my friend, I want to tell about our first memories,

emm still remember when we met, and we become friends?
still remember when we go to school, we always get together and talk together. sometimes we talk about things that are not important. hahahaha

still remember when we laughed together and cried together. haha
and when we held a round table conference. very weird xP haha
especially when we throw a party flour because there is a birthday. very nice.

nahh, remember when we visited Cakka's? haha we went there many times, sometimes failing, but it sometimes works :D yeyy

Remember when we traveled around the school during break or after school. we sit under a tree and told me many things..

Remember when we do the work together, but we even play :P haha

nahh especially when our friends and other recreation to Banaran, Semarang:) we played, toured the coffee plantation, play flying fox, swimming, eating together, look at the rubber plantation and processing. we just spent time together there :D

even among us often fight, sometimes only for one simple reason. but finally, we are always together and laugh again :D
when we last met, it felt like my tears drop. but I hold it all and give a smile for you my friend.
and I hope we'll meet again someday, although it is not as often, but I'm very happy to meet you all:)
when we meet, I'll hug you and spend time with you guys

it's all gone so fast :( if I can reset the time, I'll stop the moment and enjoy the feeling of happy moments with you guys:)
I hope you still remember it all, and never forget it. probably many more memories that I have not written here. but the memories will always be stored in our hearts


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