Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

For you, Kev.

Hey Kevin Nicholas William, it's more than a year. Hiks, and untill now i still can't believe it! Why do you leave me so fast? But, thankyou Kev. For everything, you've been taught me how to passing the world and passing the hard time :') you always beside me when everyone went away from me. I miss you, Panda. You know i miss you, but i know you can't come back. Don't you miss me? Don't you miss us? I know there is nothing we can do to make you back. It's more than a year, but i still remember when i spent my time with you. Forever, it will be unforgettable Kev. You always try to taught me about anything. And i'm thankful for everything that you've gave to me. You've made me feel like i'm the real human which can happy easily. You've been changed me, from nothing to something. You made me know the real life means. I'm so proud to have a super-duper-really-great-bestfriend like you. Your name always be on my pray, promise. Hopefully you're happy there, same like you made us being happy here. And i hope you'll read this message and know how much we miss you. Thankyou Kev, thankyou Panda. Thankyou, for everything :"D

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